Posted on: December 8, 2008 8:36 pm

We need a point guard!

I would like to kick Jacob Pullen in the crotch every time he brings the ball up the court and chucks it up from 25ft without making a pass.  That would be at least 2 times a game.  Yes he can make it sometimes but I would rather work the ball a little bit and get a higher percentage shot.  He is not as good as he thinks he is and he is starting to tick me off, and judging by the Oregon game I think he is starting to tick off Martin as well.  These guys need to realize there are 4 other players on the court.  Ron Anderson was dominating his man on the blocks for a 3 min span in the second half and then Pullen comes in and stops getting the ball inside, selfish basketball.  He can shoot the ball I'll give him that but make good choices, you are supposed to be the leader of this team and you are falling way short.

Clemente is a good ball handler but gets a little out of control and does not really set up his teammates for easy buckets.  He only makes shots for himself that I can see.  The guys who make the best assists are guys like Kent (who is making stupid passes lately) and Sutton.  Our point guards do not have a clue and I think Frand Martin will have a heart attack by the end of the season if they don't start playing like a team rather than 2 guys who want to score and 3 that would like to play as a team but can't because they never see the ball unless they get the rebound.

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Posted on: November 20, 2008 8:31 pm

KSU Basketball The Good The Bad And the Ugly

My observations through 3 games.

The Good

Fred Brown, the kid can shoot the rock and when he is hot he cannot miss.

Dominique Sutton: plays defense and has added a little offense to his game, lets hope it doesn't dissapear when we play better compitition.

Jamar Samuals: He's got hops and should provide a few highlights this year

The Defense: we look like we are going to pressure the ball which is alway good and helps force Turn overs.

The Bad:

The defense:  I know I also put it in the good category but at times it is bad when they are defending agains the half court offese we lose our man at times and leads to easy buckets.

Frank Martins substitutuions: My person feeling is he is trying to prove a point to some players by making them sit more than they might in bigger games, but sitting Clamente all but 3 min in the 1st half? I hope his point was made.

Dennis Clamente:  He is fast and can toss up a few tear drops off the glass but his defense isn't quite there.  He is probably between good and bad but I will leave him here until he shows me something.

Pullen's 3 pt shooting:  Or at least his judgment on shooting it.  When you are 0-5 for 3 range maybe it is time to penetrate and kick or find the open man.  I know he was open to shot but you gotta know when you are hot.  Of find a way to get hot drive to the basket and get fouled heat up at the freethrow line......

which brings me to the UGLY!

Freethrow shooting: We are shooting better from the field than from the line so far at least it seems that way.  Please get over 50% from the line.  I would prefer to be in the 70% range as a team but that could be too much to ask.

Ron Anderson: I'm only saying this because of the 1st half of the Emporia State game.  The guy looked uncoordinated when trying to shoot layups I can't explain it but it wasn't pretty he was getting pushed around by much smaller players.

Defensive Press:  This was most of the time good but when it broke down it was ugly ESU should have had 12 to 14 points on layups or dunks if they could make them.

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Posted on: November 16, 2008 4:15 pm

The coaching situation

Who should be the wildcats new coach?  Well, your guess is as good as mine.  What is to be made of the whole powercat illustrated fiasco?  Arrrrghhh!  If that had not happened I think I could be resting easier that Patterson would be our new football coach.  I think we got screwed by poor fact checking and someone wanting to break a story early.  Oh, well what's done is done and we must move on.  Here are some senarios I would like to see happen. 

1)   Bill Snyder becomes the head coach for 1 maybe 2 years.  He gets a coach like Brent Venables to be the assistant head coach who then would take over as head coach after 1-2 years.  Snyder will only be there for stability and after the 1-2 years Snyder becomes the new AD.

2)   We hire someone like Tommy Tubberville.  I don't really think he woud come here or that he is even going to lose his job at Auburn but it could happen.

3) Turner Gill from Buffalo his upside is he has taken a small school like Buffalo and made them a very good team.  He is african american (which I could care less about but media peopl seem to like to make a big stink about it when someone hires a black coach) This could get the media off of our back about we fired Price because he was black.  Hasn't been big news but have seen a mention of it here and there.

4) Dennis Franchionie, I really do not like this hire.  He left Texas A&M as the door mat of the big 12 and he has little respect from me at least with his off the field money making scheme.  He could be a good Defensive Coordinator but that is about the extent of it.

Who ever K-State gets to coach our wildcats, we as wildcat fans need to give them the time they need to produce on the field and that should be at least 5 years.  We cannot judge success by wins and loses for the next few years he have to judge play by play.  Like Snyder always preached we strive to get getter on every play, and every day.

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Posted on: November 1, 2008 7:47 pm

Post KU game

Pentalties, that was a huge blow to the Cats in this game.  40 yards of holding calls in the 1st half.  At least 2 would have been 1st downs on 3rd down conversions and kept the drive alive.  Instead we get put into 3rd and 20.  They with the geniouses calling the plays throw a screen pass to the smallest guy in division I football and want him to make up 15 yards after catch.  I know Banks can eat up yards but at least get him on a slant where he can catch it at full speed and just flat out run guys.  Second to he penelties is the Turnovers, argghh what are we doing, hang onto the ball.  Freeman why try to reach the 2 yards with your arms when there is a pile of jayhawks surounding you?  It was 1st down you had 3 more chances.  But I guess you have to try something the offensive line looks like a patch work quilt with injuries and new people playing different positions. 

KU looked good and Sharp is a good running back (I have always thought so).  But K-States linebackers are horrible at open field tackles they stand there with their feet in concrete.  K-State has got to find a Running Back how many times are our RB's going to just run right into the back of the blocker or to the wrong side of the block were the defensive player can tackle him? It pains me to watch these guys run the ball they don't hit holes hard they tip toe around trying to follow blocks but never finally get past the blockers, at some point you have to run into the open field. 

I still am not convinced that Ron Prince is 100% at fault for this ineptitude but something has got to change this is getting rediculous.  We need a defense and we need it last year.  I say get a defensive minded guy in here now.  Venables, Patterson?  Who ever wants to come but they have got to have a defensive track record, and recruiting would be a good plus as well.  It is a little embarassing that Prince put such a premium on this game and that is how we came out to play.

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Posted on: October 28, 2008 12:33 pm

My thoughts on the KU KSU game

I'm sitting here just thinking about how it used to be.  When K-State fans would get up every Saturday and say it's good to be a Wildcat, lets watch another win.  Now I'm reduced to saying things like we  could win this game if..... Usually followed by we can catch the ball, stop the running game, make a tackle, stop turning the ball over blah blah blah. 

And here I am again writing about we can win the game against KU if (insert all of the above)  and add stop the pass.  I think we can make this a track meet and still beat KU but I would preferre to beat them on defense and not make it come down to a 1 or 2 possesion game.  We have been showing some better defense than the first 6 games, although it is still bad we have shown improvement.  KU on the other hand has not shown improvment with there steller performance against Tech, who I believe KU fans were talking trash to us about how bad Tech beat the cats.  How does the humble pie taste hawks?

O.k. there is my little anti-Jayhawk blast.  We should be competitive in this game and have a good shot at winning it. 

My prediction

KSU - 35

KU - 30

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Posted on: October 19, 2008 10:09 am

Colorado game my thoughts.

Well, we lost that is a huge loss for the cats because that was one we should have won.  However I think we did show some improvment on defense.  We look horrible in the 2nd quarter but turned it around and didn't let them score in the 2nd half.  Now our offense didn't look good we need to teach everyone to hang onto the ball (Allstat).  Oh and another thing the score should only be 13-7 Wildcats win, with the bogus call on Irvin pass interference.  They scored a few plays later. 

Was it just me or did the geriatric hospital donate the refs for this game? They missed a lot of obvious holding calls, the first drive that was a fumble by Mastrude, not that it matters we gave them the ball anyway.  The Quarles fumble was a bad call he was down before the ball came out and should of been reviewd, Why didn't Prince review that we would have kept the ball and maybe have been able to change the field position.   Did it look like to you every time the ref anounced a penilty on the Wildcats he had a little smerk on his face like yeah we got them with another one.  That could just be the fan in me but I could swear that he was smiling every time especially in the 4th quarter, K-state had a penalty.

Even as bad as the refs were the Buffs beat us with there defense.  Our offense could not hang onto the ball, we didn't move the ball very well and could not get the deep pass to anybody that was willing to catch it.  I sitll feel like we showed improvement on defense from the 1st half to the second half, and if we can keep improving on that we could get another 1 or 2 wins this year and who knows we could catch someone on an off day and beat one of the big dogs.  We just have to do better on offense.  Our defense did it's job last night holding a big 12 team to 14 points is all you can ask of them the offense just needed to step up and do something and they didn't. 


Posted on: October 14, 2008 11:10 pm

If only we could force more punts

I was thinking about what if we could force more punts,  I know I know that means we need to play better defense.  But what if we did play better defense?  We have scored 4 touchdowns on our punt return team.  3 blocked punts and 1 return.  How many times has the oponent punted this year?  I don't know but from watching our defense I don't think it has been much more than 10 times in 5 games.  That is 40% of the time that we force the other team to punt we score.  I know there will be some uber nerd fact checking my stats and I'm sure I have total number wrong but the fact is we score a lot on punt returns. 

Now we have to get that through to the defense to force some 3 & outs and keep the ball on the foes side of the 50.  Anyway just thought I would throw those little nuggets out there and let it merinate for a while

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Posted on: October 12, 2008 6:05 pm

Texas A&M It's a road win

Hey we won on the road.  And we are tied for 2nd in the Big 12 North.  I know we are only 2 games into the conference but hey gotta go with as many positives as we can find.  KU will stumble a couple of times this season and K-State should beat Colorado.  I hope Cody Hawkins runs 20 yards backwards and lets us sack him for a saftey!

Now I'm not getting my hopes up and am going to take this season one game at a time I keep hoping that they will drink the right cool-aid one night and the defense will click but until them I am going to hope whe can keep droping 40+ points so we can just keep up with everyone else in the Big 12.  Our running game sounded better so maybe we have that going for us or maybe A&M is just not very good run defense. 

Now we cannot keep giving up 500+ yards on Defense but I guess if they don't score then it doesn't really matter how many yards they rack up.  I would take giving up 500+ yards and stopping them on the 1 on 4th down any day, over giving up touchdowns.  But if you put up that many yards we probably give up lots of points as well, and I understand that too.  Anyway we need to find a defensive solution or we will get carved for even more yards and points this year. 

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